The Trendfolio is a place where everyone can be inspired according to their own being. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, tall, short, curvy, plus size or anything else, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Lord Byron used to say “A drop of ink can make a million thing” and it’s with this spirit that we want to continue this ride.

Our wish is for the Trendfolio to become a big box of thoughts with a positive vision of life, to help our readers to be more conscious and happy with themselves.

Il Trendfolio vuole essere un luogo dove ogni persona riesce a trarre ispirazione per il proprio essere. Non importa se siate magre, alte, basse, curvy, plus size o altro, per noi ogni caratteristica ha la sua bellezza. Lord Byron diceva “Una goccia d’inchiostro può far pensare milioni (di persone)” ed è con questo spirito che noi vogliamo riprendere questa avventura.

Il nostro desiderio è che il Trendfolio diventi una grande scatola per raccogliere pensieri e una visione positiva della vita, per aiutare i nostri lettori a sentirsi meglio con se stessi a 360°.

The Trendfolio Team

Erika Swan
founder | Editor

I wanted to create a place where everyone could feel at home and where everyone could find positivity, no matter what size, height or color


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Arianna Airoldi

“We are exactly what everyone sees, We are what few are able to find and very few able to understand.”

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Francesca Mezzoli
editor | Beauty

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl G. Jung

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